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Our Design Philosophy

We aim to organize the perfect living space of the project to bring comfortable, healthy life to customers.
We always apply the most advanced technology to create green, energy-efficient and user-friendly designs to promote a healthy, civilized lifestyle.

Construction Designing Consultant

Our main strength is our senior staffs in the industry from various disciplines such as infrastructure, architecture, structure, MEP, etc. Our long term plan committed to design sustainable and durable buildings of the future

Supervision Consultant

Carry out systematic organizational activities to demonstrate and ensure that the construction quality meets the design and engineering requirements, act as a guardian to ensure maximum benefits for the company. investors and constructions.

BIM Implementation Consulting

Prepare bidding documents / take part in exam selection, make BIM contract annexes, manage contract implementation, design production to serve the project phases and steps of designing, modeling for records transfer and settlement, completed

From Design To Reality


Innovative But Accurate

The application of BIM to construction allows us to design with highly precision and store efficient building models for operation and construction management for decades to come ..


Building projects


Years of design advice




Province of Vietnam

Our Difference

Sustainable But Harmonious

Our commitment to quality and service is set as a benchmark to ensure customer satisfaction.

Professional Experts

With 40 years of design consultancy experience, our consulting team is a reasonable combination of experienced professionals and understanding of local cultural values.

Smart Construction

We exchange and store information through electronic data, intuitive and precisely constructed. The value of our work is the foundation of Smart Cities with high efficiency.

Communication & Teamwork

Our team emphasize on communication between team members and clients. The more we interact, the better we will understand the client's needs and incorporate them into our design.

Cost-Effective Use

With technology and experience in the construction industry, we can provide customers with many solutions in design and construction management, operation and use of works to help them make the most appropriate choice.

Prestige, Honor & Organization

With the history and reputation of a first-class enterprise, we are confident with our designs as well as ensuring the project is always completed in the best way, the fastest and always supporting our customers in all circumstances. Your satisfaction is our pride.

24/7 Support

CDC Danang always supports 24/7 all needs, questions from customers as well as potential partners. You can contact us via email or facebook, we hope to be of service to you.

Are you ready to learn about BIM service?

Design Process

Flexible but Practical

Through pre-feasibility study, we balance the budget and the quality of the project, helping customers see the return on investment early before making any decisions.

  • Exterior Cover
  • Structure structure
  • Interior space
  • Systems engineering

Aesthetics of appearance and image, architecture, structure, structure, construction space, must be beautiful and eye-catching. The physical and psychological comfort and comfort of occupants and occupants, including needs such as fresh air, reasonable lighting, good view, comfortable working space, convenient system and advanced technology.

Safety is the protection for users of the building and its properties from the hazards of objective / subjective and human / natural hazards. Cost-effective and cost-effective for construction and the entire life cycle, budget control, cost effective at the right time

Meet all needs of using works for normal people and people with disabilities, adults - children. Good performance / performance, meeting the needs / requirements of the area, space, performance, systems as well as the durability and effective maintenance of building components or equipment.

A comprehensive balance of all factors, sustainability is energy efficiency, environment, and construction solution. Capable of repairing a malfunction, components and equipment are categorized and formatted for easy maintenance, repair, restoration or reconstruction.